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As a business owner, you probably take any chance you can get to save time and money. And with so many popular social media automation tools on the market, now it’s easier than ever to cut the time on manual tasks.

I’m sure you have thought of using a social media automation tool before. It sounds good, but it’s just not your main focus at the moment. No one will notice your team didn’t post on Facebook today, right?

Wrong! To increase your brand awareness on social media, interacting daily with your audience is a must.

Right now, you might think that this is impossible in your busy schedule.

But what if I tell you that there is a way to increase your brand awareness on social media and do it in only 4 minutes a day?

Meet Populizr, your go-to social media automation tool.

Why Choose Populizr As Your Go-To Social Media Automation Tool

Populizr is the only social media automation tool capable of gathering all of your employees and turning them into a social media tribe. This tribe will help you grow your business, sending out shockwaves with your messages.

The best thing? Populizr is fully-automated! All your social media tribe needs to do is connect their social media profiles.

Now, you may wonder why Populizr is different from the other social media automation tools on the market.

Well, first of all, you don’t need a three months course to learn how to use it. Everything you need to know about this social media automation tool is provided in the Help page. And because of the user-friendly UI and the fact that the features are tightly connected to the benefits, you will be able to use it immediately. Once logged, you will see that the steps are self-explanatory and easy to follow so that the learning process will go fast and smooth.

Populizr will definitely make the life of your social media tribe a lot easier especially when it comes to features. They are imagined and designed as if marketers designed them themselves, with to-the-point-specifics and precise steps that have one prevailing thought in mind – effective social media marketing strategy.

And that is not all!

Populizr offers some unique features, no other social media automation tool on the market has.

Let’s check those features in more details and see the benefits they carry:

1. Create – Build a Social Media Campaign in 4 Minutes or Less

how to create a campaign with Populizr

Posting the SAME content over and over again on different social media platforms will drive your users away. Spamming is not a way to increase your engagement rates. This is why the Populizr development team created one feature that gives everyone a chance to create unique and relevant content – the ‘Variations’ feature.

This feature will allow your social media tribe to create up to 25 unique variations from a single blog post. The app automatically takes images, meta descriptions, and titles to make variations from them. All your social media tribe needs to do from here is to tweak them to their liking, and they’re done and ready for posting.

At the posting step, you can choose between two options:

  1. Publish the content right away with Post Now
  2. Create a social media campaign and schedule it according to your posting calendar.

Yet another way of creating variations from your blog posts (because they are that important) is with Populizr WordPress Plugin.

Populizr WordPress plugin

Your social media tribe can use this plugin for added RSS functionality. With this plugin, you can highlight any sentence you would like to appear in the variations. And it won’t be visible for the users when you actually publish the blog post.

The plugin will pick up these marked sentences and use them automatically to create variations when it’s time to schedule the content on your social media networks.

As a result, your social media tribe will have the opportunity to use predefined texts or sentences for sharing on social media. And that will save them a huge amount of time.

This feature is a game-changer in the social media marketing strategy. No other social media automation tool has anything that would be even remotely similar, so you end up spamming your followers with the same meta description/title/images on social profiles.

Either that or you have to invest extra time to write the variations manually. This is a problem worth considering, don’t you think?

Scheduling Social Media Campaigns

Populizr social media automation tool scheduling types

Even though it is implied, since Populizr is a social media automation tool, we will still mention scheduling as an important part of a social media marketing strategy.

With Populizr, you can schedule content even a year in advance on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Populizr offers 4 automated scheduling modes:

  • Promotional: If you are looking for a more modest approach to your social media updates, Promotional mode is the right choice for you, and it means posting 1 week/once a day.
  • Standard: If your goal is to create a bit more aggressive campaign, use Standard mode. This scheduling mode includes posting 1 month/twice a week.
  • Evergreen: If your social media team wants to gain ongoing traffic for a certain blog post, then Evergreen mode is the right way to go. It includes posting 12 months/twice per month.
  • Custom: And, if any of these modes are not suitable for your business’s needs, you can create a Custom mode and do the scheduling as you prefer.

After picking your preferred Scheduling mode, you can see how many times that particular social media campaign will be posted on each connected social media network.

With Populizr’s diverse scheduling modes, your team can reach and gain users’ attention the right way.

2. Target – Choose the Right Audience

Populizr targeting

Just think of all the effort necessary for creating social blog posts and then to miss this step? The success of your campaign depends on it.

What do we mean by that?

No matter how big your fan base is, you still have to share your social marketing message with the right audience. Because only the right audience will generate the amount of engagement you are after, which will, over time, lead to increased brand awareness.

This is where the ‘Target Audience Selector’ comes in. It provides several options:

  • Timezone,
  • Demographics,
  • Gender and
  • Age Range.

After choosing carefully every option, according to your User Persona, you are making sure your social media content will be seen by the right audience, at the right time.

3. Emotions – Sentiment and Emotion Analyzer

Populizr emotions and sentiment measurement

As a social media automation tool providers, we have done countless research on customers. The entire process of customers moving through the sales funnels, from being totally unaware of the product to be a regular customer – it all revolves around emotions.

But, writing a copy that is in line with the current user’s emotions can be challenging. One wrong use of words, and you might find your user on the competitor’s website.

After exploring many ideas, this ‘Sentiment and Emotions’ feature has shown to be exceptional. It is one of those features that makes this particular social media automation tool a brand builder.

Here is how it works; it measures users’ emotional response to your blog post before you post it.

You will probably ask now, but how is that even possible?

Well, once you upload your message into the Populizr app, the app reads the emotions and sentiment behind the words, and it gives you the percentage of it.

You get to see whether your text is positive, negative, or neutral, and from here, you can improve your message according to your requirements.

This way, any blog post can be shaped according to the user’s needs and crafted to evoke the right emotions.

And, did I mention that Populizr is the only social media automation tool on the market that offers this feature?

4. Insights – Measure The Performance Of Your Social Media Campaigns

social media analytics with Populizr

As every marketer knows, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s how crucial the analytics are for the digital marketing world.

Once you provide numbers, your social media tribe can see the real value of their strategy. This info will show the real impact of your social media campaigns, and your CEO or CMO will know what marketing strategy to use and how to implement it for best results.

Without analytics, this is just not possible. And the ‘Analytics’ feature does just that – it enables you to see the accurate results from your social media campaign.

The analytical view of the campaigns is divided by blog posts and by demographics. For each blog post, there is a tabular representation of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can see which social platform suits your audience and business the most so you can continue posting content there more often.

Also, another good thing about this feature is that you can see the precise location of your visitors. The demographic feature enables a clear perspective of the user’s location.

Being able to see the effect of the social campaign enables companies and enterprises to do retargeting of their audience. The marketing team can modify the strategy according to these insights and make sure the content gets in front of the right audience.

5. Repurpose – Recycling The Most Successful Social Media Campaigns

recycle your best performing social updates

Do you have a social media campaign that is more effective/successful than the others?

And you don’t want it to go to waste once its lifespan is over?

Well, with Populizr, nothing goes to waste!

With the ‘Reuse’ feature, you can repurpose the most successful social campaigns once again with a single click.

Why would your team use precious time continually creating new campaigns when you have perfectly created, already successful campaigns at your disposal?

We, at Populizr, know how busy social media marketing teams are and how time is a luxury item everybody desires. For that precise reason, our developers created this feature – to save time, but the productiveness stays the same because you are reusing your best content.

This means that your social media team can focus on other important tasks and, in the meantime, attract a new audience with the existing campaigns.

Pretty cool, right?

Wrap Up – Why You Should Pick Populizr For Managing Your Social Media Accounts

As a business, I’m sure you already know the importance of social media presence. And as a business owner, you know that time is money. So why still ignoring the fact that there’s an easier way of achieving both things: increasing your brand awareness on social media while saving time and money?

Now, there are many social media automation tools available on the market, but as you can see, Populizr is slightly different. And that’s precisely what makes it unique in a good way. Because with Populizr, you can increase your social media presence in almost no time. You can simply schedule your social media campaigns even a year in advance and focus on getting new clients.

Let me remind you that Populizr is the only real brand-building social media automation tool that can give you insights on your users’ emotions.

It is one social media automation tool that has multiple features.

When put together, all of those features are working to increase your brand awareness while saving time and money.

Check Populizr for Marketers and Populizr for Agencies today or subscribe to our mailing list for Populizr for Enterprise.

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