Turn Any Blog Post Into A Full-Blown Social Media Marketing Campaign In 4 Minutes Or Less

Quickly And Easily Create Engaging Social Campaigns That Bring Targeted Traffic To Your Site

Integrated TOP 4 Social Media Networks

What Is Populizr?

Populizr helps you Create, Schedule, Target and Track social media campaigns. It’s the only platform that does Social SEO right, so your social updates lifespan can stretch for months, rather than for a few hours.

What Is Populizr

Why Use Populizr?

Populizr will help you avoid the dreaded “MEH” response from your audience. With the smart Emotions Analyzer, craft your message to trigger the desired reactions from your targeted audience.

Who Is Populizr For?

There are over 2 Billion searches on social sites, every day. Populizr helps you capture this untapped traffic source and get more clients without too much effort, months after you’ve created the social campaign.

5 Social Marketing Benefits You Get From Populizr

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Build Effective Social Campaigns In Under 4 Minutes

(And Get Consistent, Targeted Social Traffic On Your Site With No Extra Effort)

Tap into the 2 Billion Daily Searches clients pool with strong Social SEO. Populizr helps you craft 25 unique social posts from every blog post you publish online.

You can pick a Promotional, Standard or Evergreen campaign to keep social traffic coming to your blog for months and even years.

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Ad-like Social Targeting

(Put Your Social Content In Front Of The Right Audience)

You may have fans and followers from all over the world, but your marketing message needs to be put in front of the right audience. Pick precisely who to target so that your social content generates maximum engagement and activity.

You can easily achieve that with our ‘Target Audience Selector‘ and make sure your social content reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Trigger The Right Audience Response

(Discover How Your Audience Will React To Your Social Content)

Create social updates that your audience will love. The built-in Emotions and Sentiment Analyzer will help you see how your audience will react to your social posts, before publishing the campaign.

This way, you can always tweak your social campaigns to trigger the desired response.

social insights populizr

Get Detailed Insights

(Accurately Measure The Results From Your Social Content)

Understand where your social traffic is coming from: from what social network, from what county or even city.

This will give you deep insights into which segments of your audience are engaging the most with your social content so that you can maximize your results.

repurpose campaigns tab

Easily Re-purpose Successful Campaigns

(Re-use Your Best Performing Social Content)

Get your best-performing social campaigns in front of your audience with a single click. See which campaign got the most engagement, and simply click Reuse.

You can set a new Start Date, pick a different Scheduling mode, and you’re all set. You can then use the paid Promote Post native feature for the top performing posts.

Populizr For Marketers

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2500 Social Signals

9 Social Connections

Emotion & Sentiment Analyzer

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5 Single User Profiles

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