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5 Social Marketing Benefits You Get From Populizr

How Is Your Team Helping Your Social Media Marketing Outreach?

Have a team of 50, 100, 1000 employees?
Are you leveraging all that social potential to market your company’s blog?

Did you know that social networks have so-called Virality Algorithms that determine what social post to push to more people?

If you share something on your social profiles, and more people share it, like it, comment on it, you are making the right buzz that’s needed for a virality algorithm to throw your social update out of obscurity and expose your message to tens, hundreds of thousands…even millions of social users.

But to trigger these algorithms, you need a coordinated effort. Email notifications can work. But an automated solution is a much better option. This is where Populizr Enterprise steps in.

Turn Your Team Into A Social Tribe

Populizr is the first publicly available platform that gathers all your employees and turns them into a social tribe that’s sending out shockwaves with your marketing message.

The best thing? They don’t have to do basically anything.

All it takes is for each employee to connect their social profiles with Populizr, and select the “I trust my social media editor” option. Populizr will then share every social update that your Social Marketing team creates and posts on your company social properties.

But if employees aren’t comfortable with so much trust, they can always opt out and allow or disallow every social campaign your marketing team puts together.

The BIG Extra Mile

Here’s the added-benefits list:

  • 100% total team synchronization. Nobody gets to miss the time because it’s all automated.
  • Simple interface to create the social variations in just a few minutes.
  • Sentiment and emotions analysis of the social updates, so you know what emotions they will trigger with your audience.
  • One click method of reusing old, successful campaigns when you want to revive those year old blog posts.
  • Traffic tracking of every click ever made, on every social post, nicely mapped on the world map, so you know where your visitors are becoming from.

Don’t bother doing all this work manually, when there’s a reliable, affordable app that will get you the needed results to push your blog posts from obscurity into the spotlights.

Automation Is The Key

This is why Populizr Enterprise exists. It gets teams the software infrastructure needed to achieve the needed synchronization of social activity. When it comes to scaling and synchronization, the best route is to simply call on technology to the rescue.

With a smart piece of software, you can have a single person build the entire library of social updates, set up the entire publishing schedule, and then just send it off to the team. Then, the team can simply click a few buttons, and leave the heavy lifting to this software.

You’d literally take 910 hours and zip them down to just a few mouse clicks. 

Even if the cost of this software would be that $10,900 it would still make perfect sense, since you’ve just rescued 910 hours that your team can spend on money-making activities. Worst-case scenario, you’d break-even. 

But what if the cost of this software wasn’t $10,900? Nor $5000? Nor $3000?

Would it make sense, to invest $1000 in a piece of software that will save you $10,9000? Of course it would. 

But what if the price wasn’t even $1000? It would be a no-brainer, right?

Now, here’s the beauty of this social media automation software. 

For a team of 50 employees, you’d only need $497, to get a value of $10,900. That’s a cool $10,400 of pure savings. 

At only $9.95/mo per employee, its the steal of the century!

The Pain of Doing Enterprise-Wide Social Media Marketing Manually

Social networks love engagement. Populizr helps you get your entire team joined in the effort. They will also get email notifications for each campaign, so they can go and engage the post with comments.

There simply isn’t an app that does this. At least not at a reasonable price.

So what will the benefits be, simply from a time-spent perspective? Let’s do the math for a company of 50 employees.

The marketing team writes a blog post and is now putting together a social posting calendar. To avoid the duplicate content issue that regularly drives viewers off, they’ll have to create, say 20 UNIQUE social updates for each blog post. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants to see the same title, same image, same blurb, over and over and over again. Putting together 20 social updates will take them about one hour.

Scheduling all of them will also take at least another hour, per social profile. And if the company is serious about their social marketing, they’ll want to post this campaign to the top 5 social networks. That’s a total of 6 hours. Basically, an entire workday, to put together a single social marketing campaign around a single blog post.

Basically, each new text on the website  would be adorned with 20 social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. That’s some 80-100 social updates, all pointing back to that one new blog post on the website. Scheduling 100 social updates, at best, would easily take 100 minutes.

Now, just for the sake of simple math, let’s say that your site gets 10 blog posts per month. If you’d have every employee pitch in with scheduling 100 social updates on his/her social profiles, that’s a lot of time. 10 blog post times 100 minutes needed to schedule the social updates, is 1000 minutes per month.

That’s roughly 17 hours per month that each employee should spend to provide the company with the needed social traction to get a buzz going on around your company’s social activity, so you would trip the social virality algorithms.

Now, let’s apply these numbers to the entire team. All 50 of them.

This is where numbers get scary.

50 employees will be spending a total of 850 work-hours per month, copy-pasting those social updates on their social profiles. And, let’s not forget the work that goes into creating all these social updates, and creating the schedule for each social network. We estimated 6 hours to set up the Social campaign for each blog post. At an estimated 10 new blog posts per month, you’re looking at 60 hours per month spent on building the social media marketing campaigns.

Let’s sum it all up:

  • 60 hours of prep work,
  • 850 hours spent across the team of 50

TOTAL TIME SPENT: 910 work hours per month, doing social media marketing.

Even if you’re paying your team $12/h, you’re facing a $10,900 per month that the company would invest in doing team-wide social media marketing. For a team of 50 people, this figure is quite hefty.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you can get all this social media marketing, at a much, much lower cost?

Sign up today, and let technology do the heavy lifting.

Save tons of resources, and tons of money from the lead generation effort,so your team can spend that time converting those leads into clients.

‘Enterprise-Wide’ Viral Social Media Campaign

populizr enterprise create campaign

With the help of your team, Populizr can turn your blog posts into a viral social media campaign in less than an hour.

Build and foster strong relationships with your current network of employees.

With the new social engaging experience of your enterprise, make the best social fit with your brand.

Assign enterprise influencers, editors, and employees, and get the virality effect on each of your social updates.


2500 social signals

2500 Social Signals

Social signal is each scheduled post on your social media profiles

influencers editors employees


Profile is each user account that can have 5 social networks connected (with multiple pages, groups, boards).



Random posting from the generated variations.



Unique feature for businesses and agencies. Each editor/moderator can manage multiple clients.

Optimal Time Posting

Optimal Time Posting

Posting on your social media properties when your target audience is most active.

Emotion and sentiment analysis

Emotion + Sentiment Analysis

Measuring the emotional impact of each variation (positive, negative, sad…)

Scheduling modes

Scheduling Modes

Promotional Mode: Posting 1 week/once a day;
Standard: Posting 1 month/twice a week;
Evergreen: Posting 12 months/twice per month;

Populizr WordPress plugin

Populizr WordPress Plugin

Advanced scraping from your blog post where you can select which part of the text you want to be scraped with Populizr.

RSS Pulls

RSS Pulls

Scraping meta-data (title, description & image) from any blog post or RSS feed.

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited number of social campaigns that you can create from your blog posts.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics

Measuring clicks from your social updates.

Free Link Shortener

Free Link Shortener

Shortening the large links with our custom link shortener.

Get Populizr Enterprise For Your Team

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Create Profiles for 10, or 10.000 team members.

Team shares your social campaigns on autopilot.

Fast social domination with minimal effort.

Push specific campaigns to select sub-teams.

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Start My 30 Days Trial

Create Profiles for 10, or 10.000 team members.

Team shares your social campaigns on autopilot.

Fast social domination with minimal effort.

Push specific campaigns to select sub-teams.

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