Populizr For Enterprise


Build a Stronger Brand Community

Populizr Social CRM gives your brand unique set of automated tools for utilizing your social influencers and brand advocates.


Set Your Ambassadors & Evangelists

Discover your most engaged employer advocating on behalf of your brand across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… and make him a true brand evangelist.


Get Virtue Of Authenticity
And Reach

With Populizr, break through the social media clutter and build an automated influencer social media marketing strategy.

‘Enterprise-Wide’ Viral Social Media Campaign 

With the help of your team, Populizr can turn your blog posts into a viral social media campaign in less than an hour.

Build and foster strong relationships with your current network of employees. With the new social engaging experience of your enterprise, make the best social fit with your brand.

Assign enterprise influencers, editors and employees, and get the virality effect on each of your social updates.

populizr agency my agents dashboard

  • Number of signals:Social signal is each scheduled post on your social media profiles.Number of signals:
  • Social NetworksWhat social media networks are currently supported in Populizr. Note that in future we will implement more!Social Networks
  • ProfilesProfile is each user account that can have 5 social networks connected (with multiple pages, groups, boards).Profiles
  • Number Of InfluencersThe number of unique variations from a single blog post. Each variation has different title, description and image.Number Of Influencers
  • Editors/EmployeesUnique feature for businesses and agencies. Each agent/moderator can manage multiple clients.Editors/Employees
  • RSS pullsScraping meta-data (title, description & image) from any blog post or RSS feed.RSS pulls
  • RandomizationsRandom posting from the generated variations.Randomizations
  • Target Audience SelectorPosting in your target audience timezone (can be different from your timezone).Target Audience Selector
  • Optimal Time PostingPosting on social media when your target audience is most active.Optimal Time Posting
  • Emotions + Sentiment AnalysisMeasuring the emotional impact of each variation (positive, negative, sad, happy...)Emotions + Sentiment Analysis
  • Scheduling ModesPromotional mode means posting 1 week/once a day; Standard mode is posting 1 month/twice a week; Evergreen is posting 12 months/twice per month; There is also Custom mode.Scheduling Modes
  • Populizr WordPress PluginAdvanced scraping from your blog post where you can select which part of the text you want to be scraped with Populizr.Populizr WordPress Plugin
  • Campaigns LimitHow many campaigns from blog posts you can create.Campaigns Limit
  • Social AnalyticsMeasuring clicks from your social updates.Social Analytics
  • Free link shortenerShortening the large links with our custom link shortener.Free link shortener
  • ExportsExporting figures, tables and charts of your analytics.Exports
  • Populizr Enterprise

  • Number of signals:2500/mo
  • Social Networks
  • ProfilesInfluencers/Editors/Employees
  • Number Of InfluencersUnlimited
  • Editors/EmployeesUnlimited
  • RSS pulls
  • Randomizations
  • Target Audience Selector
  • Optimal Time Posting
  • Emotions + Sentiment Analysis
  • Scheduling ModesPromotional
  • Populizr WordPress Plugin
  • Campaigns LimitUnlimited
  • Social Analytics
  • Free link shortener
  • Exports

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