The impressive growth of social media is something that is hard to ignore. That is the reason why social media marketing is so important. People spent a lot of time daily on their social media profiles, which makes social media networks a perfect medium to promote your brand and increase your traffic. If you’ve just started a business and are struggling to get the attention that you want in social media, then I’m sure that you have a lot of questions in your mind like:

“How can I increase the number of followers and likes?”

“How will I interact with users and convince them to comment or share my content?”

Don’t worry!

This article will help you to find answers to most of your questions and concerns.

Content Is The Key

content is king

Every social media channel is different than another, but if you want to increase your traffic, there are some standard rules to follow for all social media networks. The most important rule is:

Your content is your brand’s voice!

You must ensure that your content is engaging and eye-catching. People won’t just come back to your site if your content is not worth reading. They don’t want to waste their time by reading boring and duplicate content that doesn’t trigger any emotion. Because the proper social content is essential to your online progress, you need to find out what your users want, and where they spend time online.

With that in mind, we’ve created our social media platform Populizr to help you create your social media content much easier. We provide you the unique opportunity to create social media updates that engaging are emotions-rich. And by doing so you can ensure that your audience is always interested in what you have to say and will make the desired action on your website.

emotion rich social media posts

Use Social Media Tracking Tools

social media tracking tools

Having the right social media tools to monitoring audience behavior is necessary to check what is or what isn’t working in your social media marketing strategy. By using social media tracking tools, you will be able to:

  • Find out how much social media traffic your website receives.
  • Discover which platform gives you the most traffic.
  • Track the total number of clicks.

By implementing an online tracking tool, you will find the best time (and place) to post your content. Use Populizr to realize who is clicking your content and where. Also, Populizr can help you track the total number of clicks and trace who is clicking, in which location. Pay attention to your website analytics and do more of what works and what will help you to grow your business.

social media tracking tool-populizr

Interact With Your Followers

Interact With Your Followers

Interacting with your followers will help you understand their needs and requirements, and understand them better. Social media is the perfect place to interact with them, ask questions or respond to their comments. That is an excellent way to prove that you really care about them. They will appreciate the time you spend to communicate with them. This method will help you to adapt your content to the customer’s needs and interest. And if your content is high-quality, they may even share and promote it on their own websites and fan pages.


If you want to be competitive and increase your social media traffic, you should begin with effective management of your social media channels. Choose the right social media strategy to grow your business because social media management is more than just posting content.

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