the importance of the visual content in social media

Wondering Why There Is A Need Of Using Visual Content For Your Social Media Marketing?

We are living in a world surrounded by visual content. Even in our younger days, when we couldn’t read yet, what we most enjoyed was browsing books with images. Today, we enjoy doing the same thing, only online.

Even if we do enjoy looking at images, a lot of social media marketers avoid the concept of using visual content on the social media networks. Why is that? Mainly, because of the thought of using many “unnecessary” resources for the visual content. Also, it is time-consuming finding appropriate images, editing them, and so on.

But, visual content is actually the total opposite of unnecessary.  It is essential to invest at least a small amount of resources for creating a nice visually appealing content since it is an important key to increase engagement with your audience.

There are plenty of reasons why social media marketers may be avoiding posting this type of content. Some think visual posts are less valuable; some think that this type of content doesn’t increase engagement, and others that it’s too difficult to deal with it.

Why Some Social Media Marketers Find It Hard To Use Visual Content?

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1. The “Need” Of A Professional Graphic Designer

As a social media marketer, you are aware that there are plenty of images on the Internet. The setback here is that most of them have copyrights and they are not available for free use. On the other hand, the images that are free may not satisfy your needs and the needs of your social audience. And, as a last resort, you will try to hire a professional graphic designer.

Nevertheless, you can still find images that are suitable for you and your audience. There is a way to avoid the need of hiring an expensive professional graphic designer. For example, we at Populizr are using many images from the free image sources such as:

With some basic understanding of Photoshop an a little bit of creativity, you can easily edit these free images and make them suitable for your purpose.

2. The Images “Don’t Contribute” In Engaging Your Audience

Most of the social media marketers think that using images don’t contribute in engaging their audience. They believe that they are used only as decoration. Wrong! The images are crucial for engaging your audience. They have a significant influence on the audience mood, and they can convey relevant information in a simplified way. That means it will be easier for your audience to consume the shared information.

It’s a well know fact that your visitors judge you by your images because that’s the first thing they will see when they land on your website. So pay more attention in producing quality images that perfectly suit your content.

After you overcome these setbacks, you can use the following types of visual content for posting on the social media.

Types Of Visual Content That Convert Best For Your Social Media Campaigns

  • Content For Engaging Your Audience

For the content to be useful and fun for your readers, it should be interactive. The interactive content can include various types such as quizzes, games, polls and many different posts that can leave a positive experience for your readers. These posts are very interactive (shareable) because it is very easy to notice them on the social media networks.

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  • Informative Content

The smart thing here is to post images that hold valuable information that your readers don’t know about. This type of content is mostly used by the industries because they miss the element of using visual content. But when they occasionally use it, the audience is satisfied, and it’s a win-win situation.

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  • Promotional Content

The idea to promote your posts using real-time photos of your products and services is always a great idea. Even if you think your photos are not good enough, you can always make them better by adding some cool stickers and that way, increase your audience’s attention.

With paying attention to what your competitors are doing, and on what your audience is responding on social media, you will easily create visual content and boost your brand.

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Key Takeaways

The use of visual content on social media is essential. Through the visual content, you can sometimes say a lot more than with a written text. That’s the reason why we encourage you to use more visual content in the future.

If you produce high-quality visual content and promote it regularly, the awareness of your brand will increase without any doubt. Remember to consider the needs of your social audience. Don’t create content just for having something to share on social media. As with every type of content, the quantity matters, but the quality is unquestionably important.

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