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Social media marketing is heating up, and more and more businesses are starting to consider it. It has become the key towards improving brand awareness and connecting people in a new, modern way.

And even if we know that there are over 2.32 billion Facebook monthly active users, many businesses still don’t take this opportunity to increase their brand awareness and reach more customers because their businesses are ‘too specific’.

But, let me tell you a story that will explain why this phrase ‘too specific’ doesn’t apply to social media.

There’s No ‘Too Specific Industry’ On Social Media

there's no 'too specific' industry on social media

A few years back, we had an interesting client. A web development and marketing agency that was building a website for a funeral planning business. Their client wanted a website that would enable people to plan their own funeral.

This would include all the details from the type of the coffin to the place of burial,  with everything in between (flowers, decorations, etc). The final cost of each order was a hefty 5-figure deal. The agency also did social media marketing for them. They did social media marketing… for funeral services! Funerals…

If people look for funeral services on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, chances are that every other business can profit from social media marketing.

Don’t believe me? Just hop on to Facebook and search for, let’s say, “septic tank cleaning services.” Yep, it’s a thriving industry. Anyway, back to our story.

So, if you think that social media marketing won’t work for your company because it’s ‘specific’, you’re wrong!

Social is not all that new. It has been present for more than 15 years. The launch of the major players like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter was followed by other minor ones (Tumblr, Reddit, Blogger, etc). And now, social media marketing has turned into a vital part of the 21st-century brand awareness. Businesses that fail to use social media networks for marketing are less likely to get higher exposure to the digital market.

But, what really is social media marketing?

Diving Into The Concept Of Social Media Marketing

diving into the concept of social media marketing

Social media marketing is a concept that helps companies understand their clients and increase the company’s reputation and brand awareness among those clients.

Social media marketing uses several techniques and social networks to promote a certain product or service. This is how companies can interact with their customers and build better relationships.

But why chose social media marketing in the first place?

The answer is simple. Because social media marketing is extremely beneficial for:

  • Stronger business-client relationships,
  • Stronger presence,
  • Brand credibility,
  • More exposure,
  • More reliability, and
  • More sales.

People mostly rely on social media to find out more information about a certain product, service or brand. That’s why having a social media marketing strategy for your business makes it easier to reach new customers and audience.

What Do You Need For Increasing Your Brand Awareness?

increase your brand awareness on social media

Firstly, make a research to see on which social networks your target audience is most active.

When you know this, it’s time to create content. But not just any content. You need unique, engaging content people will love to share.

By giving your audience what they need, there is no doubt that your brand awareness will increase. If people start sharing your content, Engagement will increase. More Engagement leads to more Leads. And more Leads will eventually mean more Sales.

If only it would be as simple as that.

For this strategy to actually work, you need to create unique content and share it on every social network you use, at the time when your target audience is most active. By sharing your content at a specific time, you’ll reach a larger group of people that may later become your followers. That will lead to higher social engagement and lower CPC (cost-per-click) if you decide to run paid ads for your posts.

However, to start an effective social media campaign and to increase your brand awareness, you need to carefully look over the various social media networks. What might work for one company, might not work for another one. For example, some companies may rely on Linkedin, while most of the companies can benefit from Facebook or Twitter.

In your social media strategy, you should include the posting frequency for each social network, how often you’ll answer to your customers, on which social networks, and how much content you’ll create.

As we’ve already mentioned, content is very important for brand reach. That’s why a regular posting of new, unique content is necessary so it can be shared by more people.

And let’s not forget images and infographics as a valuable weapon for increasing the engagement. People are attracted by visuals and that’s why it’s more likely that images will get greater reach.

But the following question kind of imposes itself now: How to quickly increase your brand awareness on social media? You surely don’t want to spend another year trying to gain followers.

The answer is pretty simple: by creating a social media tribe of off your employees.

Just imagine how faster you could increase your brand awareness if every single one of your employees shares the content on their social media networks.

A quick example.

Let’s say you have 100 employees. Each of them is active on at least 3 social networks. If every one of them shares your content on their social profiles, your content will be instantly spread on 300 profiles. That’s a 300% increase in your brand awareness, on a daily basis.

Creating an effective social media marketing strategy with the help of your social media tribe can help you increase your brand awareness much faster and much more efficient.

To Sum Up

Social media marketing is growing fast and many companies now understand that they can benefit greatly from social media networks.

Still, many can’t reap the benefits because they think their niche is ‘too specific’. The truth is people search on social networks the same way they do it on Google or Bing. So, if they come across your social media profile and see that your last post was 2 years ago, they will go to your competitors.

So, what will you do? Let somebody else take your share on social media or set up an effective social media marketing strategy and increase your base of satisfied customers?

The time is now to step up in your social media marketing game. Hard-working companies do this manually. Smart companies use Populizr.

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