choose the right social media agency for your business needs

Have you finally reached the point where you can no longer manage social media channels for your business all by yourself? Are your pages neglected for a long time because you don’t know how to manage them? If your answer is yes, it’s time to ease your burdens and look for a social media agency that can handle all of your requirements.

But How Will You Do That?

If you want to grow your social media engagement, but you lack the knowledge, take a look at the following steps that will help you easily choose the right agency to do the job for you.

Step 1: Understanding The Purpose Of The Agency

purpose of the social media agency

The primary purpose of the Agency is to keep you alive on social media and grow your engagement. To function properly, the Agency needs to do several basic tasks:

  • Content creation for posting on social media channels
  • Daily news checkup connected with your industry
  • Schedule and publish new social media posts
  • Overview of social media analytics
  • Followers engagement

Step 2: Setting Up Your Goals

it is crucial to set up goals for your social media agency

It’s an absurd idea to hire a social media agency before you set up your goals first, don’t you think? So first, you have to make a plan of what do you want to achieve. After you establish your goals, you can think about hiring an agency.

Step 3: Online Search

online search of the social media agency

Probably the first thing that you will think of is to do an online search for a social media agency. That’s the right way to do it because you will decide more easily which agency is the best for your business.

Be sure to do a thorough search of the agency that you’re interested in. That thorough search consists of seeing the reviews and social media activities of the agency. Try not to skip this step because the chances of you being deceived are more likely to happen.

Step 4: Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Social Media Agency

1.    In which field does the agency work?

Each agency can identify itself as a marketing agency, but there’s more to it. Each agency can work in the field of:

  • Social Media Marketing

These agencies have high knowledge in the field of social media, and they can offer the full package of managing your social media.

  • Content Marketing

If the core of your business is to create content for your readers, then these agencies can definitely help you. They can provide you with fresh, smart and original content that can boost you on social media.

  • Digital Marketing

This type of marketing is a mashup of social media marketing and content marketing. These agencies can provide you with video content, design alongside with social media management.

2.    Does the agency have knowledge and experience in your field of work?

Some agencies have global knowledge of things, and some agencies are focused on some specific field. It’s your decision which one you will choose.

3.    How will the agency measure the success of your campaigns?

Every agency should provide you with a detailed report with every activity on your social media networks. The following are just a few of the ways an agency can monitor your results on social media:

  • Engagement – How much did your engagement on social media (comments, likes, shares, etc.) increased?
  • Reach – How many people have reached your campaign?
  • Growth – How many organic followers and fans have you gain?
  • Lead Gen from Social Media – How many new leads have you generated?
  • Website Traffic – As a result of their work, how much did your traffic increase?

Before making the final decision, ask the agency to provide you with a sample of a monthly report and see if the style meets your businesses’ needs.

4.    Does the agency have previous work experiences?

A successful agency should be able to provide you with a sample of their portfolio. That’s how you can decide whether that agency is right for your needs.

5.    On which social media networks should the focus be?

The agency must know which social media networks are right for you. If their answer is you to choose which social networks are right for you, then that agency isn’t what you’re looking for.

6.    Does the agency develop a unique strategy for you?

The agencies that develop a strategy for each client are the ones that are successful. If the agencies use one strategy for each client, that agency is probably inexperienced.

7.    Does the agency use some social management tools?

The agencies should use a social media management tool because it will be more efficient in their work. Such social media management tool that can be helpful to the agencies is Populizr.

8.    Is the agency capable of persuading why you need social media marketing?

If the agency provides you with a precise explanation of why your specific company needs social media marketing, then that agency is right for you.

It’s Up To You Now

You should ask above and beyond the 8 questions listed above. Asking these questions should give you key insights into the expertise and personalities of the social media agency you choose.

Maybe you won’t find an agency that is strong in all categories, so decide what your business needs the most and start from there. After completing the four steps we mentioned above, you should feel more confident about selecting the right social media agency for your needs.

Since there is plenty of agency options available, it may take you a while to choose the right one for you but, if you choose the right one, you will see results in the first month.

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