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Ever wondered what is the most convenient time to post on your Facebook Page? Are you aware of the benefits of managing your posts? Many businesses know that this can be time-consuming, yet what they don’t know is there is a scheduling tool. If you want to learn how to schedule Facebook posts with this tool, read on.

Why Is It Good To Schedule Facebook Posts In Advance?

scheduling Facebook posts

You have probably found yourself pressed for time, but still, have a lot of content to share. Now you are allowed to schedule Facebook posts and minimize the time spent on it. The best thing is that you can get to your target audience all around the world at any time. By being consistent, you keep your audience updated with new content, announcements, and product launch. That way you are keeping them engaged and build trust.

Sometimes it can be very demanding to set posts manually. For example, if you are located in Europe, but work for customers worldwide, it is very tiring staying up late to inform American, Canadian or Australian customers, who are usually online at the late hours European time. Or, if you want to publish a post at a specific time of the day, but you know you are busy with another task during that time. It can be quite challenging to do both.

Populizr will help you pick the timezone of your target audience with a scheduler that copes with the target audience time zone. Also, whenever you want to publish a post, it can directly connect you to Facebook. No matter where you are or what you are doing, Populizr will highly engage your current and new customers.

When Is The Best Time To Schedule Facebook Posts?

when is the best time to schedule Facebook posts

People are using Facebook almost at any given time of the day, however, the traffic is different each day. You have probably wondered when people are most active to see your posts and updates. If you cannot decide what time to post, check this out. The safest posting time from Monday to Sunday is between 9 a.m and 3 p.m, with Wednesday through Sunday being the strongest posting days. Thursday 1 p.m is the most recommended and active time.

managing Facebook posts with Populizr

With Populizr, you are able to schedule your posts differently for each network, as it has different scheduling timing types:

  • Promotional posting scheduler (posting one update per day, for a duration of one week)
  • Standard posting scheduler (posting twice per week, for a duration of one month)
  • Evergreen (posting twice a month, for a duration of one year)
  • Custom

You can track the overall process of scheduling, with three detailed views:

  • Activity timeline (Overall preview)
  • Calendar View (Monthly view)
  • Hourly Breakdown

By managing posts, you have an opportunity to interact with your customers on a daily basis, which can lead to gaining new, potential customers.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts With Populizr?

scheduling posts with Populizr

With Populizr, you can now schedule Facebook posts for later posting, without spending hours in front of your screen. All you need is just a few minutes to connect to your account, with no specific knowledge.

Using Populizr will boost your social media marketing and lessen the work of your team. Among the major benefits of this platform is that you can easily learn how to use it as it has a very comprehensive dashboard. It connects you directly to your account and enables you to manage the posts just by using the dashboard.

If you want to learn how the publishing flow goes, you can find a quick video on our platform and follow the basic steps. Our Mass Planner is a possibility to schedule as many posts as you like with just one click. It automatically makes several actions such as auto follow, follow-back and unfollow, as well as joins groups and communities.

So, now that you are familiar with the benefits of using our platform for managing your posts, it is time to create an effective social media marketing plan. We know that time is crucial for everyone, especially successful businesses, so we created this platform at a fair price to help you run your business in the most efficient manner. The more you keep engaged with your target audience, the more your business will grow. By using our ‘Target Audience Selector’, you can reach the target audience at the most convenient time.

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