Populizr vs. Sprout Social

*We update the comparison texts often. But since there are many changes concerning the prices and features of these applications, there may be some inconsistencies. Please don’t judge us if you catch some. We’re working really hard to update them on time

Have You Ever Crossed Paths With Populizr Or Sprout Social?

You have probably crossed paths with these tools if you work in the social media marketing field. Almost every social media marketer is familiar with these tools. Nevertheless, whether you are familiar with them or not, you must know the basic functionality of these tools to choose the best social media tool for your needs. That’s why today we’ll go through the pros and cons of Populizr vs. Sprout Social.

  • Populizr

Populizr is a Social SEO Automation Platform that can help you boost your social SEO and indirectly increase your ranking on Google. Populizr offers some unique features like selecting the timezone of your target audience and checking how emotionally effective your social updates are.

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool. It allows you to publish, schedule, and analyze your content and also to engage with your audience.

Brief Overview: Populizr vs. Sprout Social: Pros And Cons


Populizr Sprout Social


  • Single User Plan: $37/month
  • Small Agency Plan: $97/month
  • Medium Agency Plan: $197/month
  • Large Agency Plan: $277/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99/month
  • Standard Plan: $99 per user/month
  • Professional Plan: $149 per user/month
  • Advanced Plan: $249 per user/month

Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook (profile, page, group)
  • Twitter (profile)
  • LinkedIn (profile, company)
  • Pinterest (board)
  • Google+ (profile, page)
  • Facebook (pages)
  • Twitter (profile)
  • Instagram (profile)
  • LinkedIn (profile, company)
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google+ (pages only)


Detailed analysis by a blog post and by demographics

Audience growth and analysis, post engagements, trends, social media listening


Yes (up to 25 unique posts)



Yes, unlimited

Yes, unlimited

Extra Features Populizr WordPress plugin

bit.ly integration

1. Populizr: In-Depth Analysis

populizr home | populizr vs. sprout social

  • Primary Goal

Populizr’s primary goal is scheduling and automation of posts to boost your social SEO. This automation means you can create a social media campaign from one blog post and let it run on your social media networks for a week, month or even a whole year,

  • Pricing

Populizr offers 3 pricing plans for individuals, agencies, and enterprises.

For individuals, there is 1 plan:

  • The standard plan for $37/month and

For agencies, there are 3 plans:

  • Small plan for $97/month,
  • Medium plan for $197/month and
  • Large plan for $277/month.

For enterprises there is 1 plan:

  • Standard enterprise plan for $99/month


  • Supported Social Media Networks

Populizr provides support for following social media networks:

  • Facebook (profile, page, group)
  • LinkedIn (profile, company)
  • Google+ (profile, page)
  • Pinterest (board)
  • Twitter (profile)
  • Analytics

With Populizr you have two options to keep track of the analytics:

  1. By Blog Post

populizr analytics social posts | populizr vs sprout social

This analytic offers a graphical and tabular representation of the analytics on social media networks. The tabular representation of the analytics consists of the number of posts and clicks on your integrated social media networks as a result of the users’ engagement.

  1. By Demographics

social media tracking tool-populizr

This analytic represents a map where you can see the engagement with your posts from each country based on the social media channel (network).

  • Creating And Publishing

With Populizr you can create up to 25 unique variations of a single post. Populizr is the only social automation platform that offers this feature of automation. Populizr provides two options for publishing. The first option is to publish the content right away. The second option is to create a campaign of posts for publishing. Also, there is an option to choose the post from an RSS feed. The better option between these two is to create a campaign because it is well organized.

populizr-posting-social-media | populizr vs sprout social

  • Scheduling

Populizr provides 3 default plans for scheduling. Those are Standard, Promotional, and Evergreen. If none of these plans don’t meet your requirements for scheduling,  you have the option of creating a custom plan.

social media scheduling posting automation populizr vs sprout social

  • Extra Features

With Populizr you can get the Populizr WordPress Plugin. It smooths the process of creating posts by pulling the key data from your website. This plugin is included in the Populizr’s Power plan. It lets you choose which specific content to pull from your blog post for making the social variations.

2.  Sprout Social: In-Depth Analysis

sprout social home | populizr vs sprout social

  • Primary Goal

Sprout Social is a management tool for social media networks. With it, you can schedule, publish, and analyze your content and engage with your audience.

  • Pricing

Sprout Social only has three pricing plans:

  1. Premium – $99 per user/month
  2. Corporate – $149 per user/month
  3. Enterprise – $249 per user/month
  • Supported Social Media Networks

Sprout Social supports the following social media networks:

  • LinkedIn (profile, company)
  • Google+ (pages only)
  • Instagram (profile)
  • Facebook (pages)
  • Twitter (profile)
  • Analytics

Sprout Social, above all, offers a comprehensive way of generating reports of the overall social media activity. Also, you have the option of creating segmented reports for individual social networks, team progress, or comparison reports between the social media networks.

sprout social analytics

  • Creating and Publishing

Sprout Social also has the functionality of posting messages on the social media network. The beauty here is that everything is accessible from one place.

scheduling with sprout social

  • Scheduling

Sprout Social provides the option to schedule your content for posting. It doesn’t have default plans, so you have to create a custom plan for scheduling. There are 4 options for publishing your post:

  • Publish Now – By using this feature you will publish your post immediately on your connected social media networks.
  • Sprout Queue – If you choose this option you will allow Sprout Social to post for you at the most convenient time when engagement is higher.
  • Schedule Manually – You will use this option more often for publishing your posts on a manually selected date and time.
  • Save as Draft – You can save your posts for future edits.

schedule post sprout social

  • Extra Features

This tool as an additional feature uses bit.ly for shortening the URLs. The only drawback is that you can only use one bit.ly account per profile because bit.ly doesn’t support multiple profiles.

Which Tool Will Win In The Battle Between Populizr vs. Sprout Social?

You have probably noticed that there is a certain amount of differences between Populizr and Sprout Social. The main difference is in the implementation of social media networks. In this case, Populizr has integration with Pinterest and Sprout Social integrates Instagram. Also, as an important thing to mention, Populizr supports more options for posting on social media networks.

Populizr and Sprout Social have a different approach to keeping track of their analytics. Both tools are efficient in this field, but only Populizr can keep track of the analytics by demographics.

The most significant difference though between these tools is in the creation and publishing of the content. Populizr is unique in this field because it is capable of creating 25 unique variations of a single blog post and it shows you emotional and sentiment analysis of your content. So, in this field, Populizr is the absolute winner.

Scheduling is also quite different between the two. With Populizr you can schedule your content for posting during a whole year with just one click. With Sprout Social, on the other hand, you can only schedule your content manually at the exact time.

Both tools offer extra features that are different from each other. For example, Populizr provides a WordPress plugin that can make the scheduling process a lot smoother and easier. Sprout Social doesn’t have this feature. It uses bit.ly URL shortening.

After the detailed analysis and comparisons of these two social media scheduling apps, it’s up to you to determine the winner of this battle. Choose wisely!

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