No one clicks your links? No one shares your posts or comments on them?

There are many possible answers, but the most likely is the next one:

Your social media content isn’t engaging enough!

That’s why your audience doesn’t want to take action.

Using the same voice, text, length, and tone will not increase your engagement on each social media channel. The way you write your posts for Facebook shouldn’t be the same with the posts on your Twitter channel. So, how can you craft the perfect copy and engage your audience on all of your social media channels?

Continue reading and find out how to craft engaging copy for the major social networks and how to use the right words to increase the impact of your social content.

Specify Your Tone Of Voice

specify your tone on social media

If you don’t specify your tone of voice, you will never get from average to amazing. Your audience will be ignoring you.

If you want to avoid your social posts to be unnoticed by the audience you are targeting, you should focus more on how you saying things and not what you saying. Therefore, your social posts should:

  • Have a different tone of voice on every social media channel and
  • Containing your business tone of voice.

The tone of voice you are using on social media needs to have a personal touch. In that way, your audience is more likely to trust you. The goal is to make your business to stand out with unique and engaging social content.

People are ultimately buying from people they like and can relate to. So, be sure to use a different tone of voice for the different social media channel. This is the key to building true relationships with your audience.

Consider The Post Length

consider post length populizr

How long should your social posts be in order to make your audience click, respond, share or comment? The length of your posts is depending on the social channel you are sharing on.

twitter-post-lengthEven if tweets need to have a length of maximum 140 characters, some studies are showing that if your tweets are shorter than 100 characters you will have 18% higher engagement rate. The perfect length of your tweets is considered to be from 71 to 100 characters. This is known as ‘medium’ length tweeting because you have enough characters to say something of value and the person that is retweeting can add some comment as well.

facebook-post-lengthOn the other hand, your Facebook posts can be larger since there is so length restriction. However, the stats are showing that shorter posts will bring you more engagement. On Facebook, less is more.

google-plus-posting-lengthWhile posting on Google Plus, it is good to keep your headline length below 60 characters.
The headline has to be a gripping teaser that contains unique, useful and specific information.

linkedin posting lengthOn LinkedIn, the optimal post length that will bring you more shares is a maximum of 25 words.
Make sure to write the headline compelling enough because it can make or break your LinkedIn post.

If you want to increase your engagement, it will be good for you to consider the post length for each social media channel.

Add Hashtags

Hashtags will help you to make it easy for your audience to find you on social media since they are an effective way to tag your content. Let’s see what you should and shouldn’t do while adding hashtags:


  • Use between 1-3 hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, and 5-7 on Instagram
  • Make the hashtags relevant to your business and content
  • Make them easy to spell and easy to remember


  • #Don’tPutTooManyWordsInOneHashtag
  • #Don’t #use #too #many #hashtags

Adding hashtags and keywords will help your audience to easily see what your posts are about.

Call To Action

Do you want your audience to take some action while reading your blog posts or product page? If yes, don’t leave it to a chance. Whether you want your audience to click some link or product page, to share, comment or retweet, don’t be shy telling exactly what kind of action you want them to take.

Whatever the call to action is, you need to write it in such a way that they can’t help but make the step you want them to make.

Profile Information

When it comes to social media marketing, instead of focusing only on your blog posts or tweets, pay attention to your profile information. Many of us spend much time researching and creating social content that we usually forget to fill out our profiles.

This is the place your audience will visit first in order to find out something about your business.

Each social media channel is offering you a different length of characters when describing your business. Use them wisely!


If you put the wrong message, don’t wonder why you are not getting new followers or why you losing some of them. If your business doesn’t have a social media presence, maybe now is the time to start increasing it.

Start dominating the social media today with these tips for crafting engaging copy for your social media channels.

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