how to create positive social media brand awareness

Let’s start with an experiment that will show our brain’s influence on the things we buy. This is an older experiment, but still relevant to prove a point.

In this experiment, a team of volunteers was asked to rank an array of goods based on their looks. The aim of the experiment was to shed light on the role of our brain in our product preferences.

After ranking the goods, the volunteers were shown the goods once again, only this time while an MRI scanner registered their brain activity.

Each time some of the volunteers saw a product they really liked, their blood rushed to a little area placed at the front of the brain. This area of the brain is an area involved in people’s self-identification.

The conclusion of the experiment was that if a person is attracted by a product, it is only because they identify with it and the product causing this reaction in their brain fits into the picture people have of themselves. Which bring us to our point: a product is not just a physical thing but rather a whole mental universe which influences the choices we make. This means that with the right stimulation, a product can easily unleash our buying impulses.

But do you know how to make your product/service stimulate the right emotions that trigger these buying impulses in people?

The answer is rather simple: By building positive social media brand awareness.

Before we move on to how to create positive social media brand awareness, let’s take a look at what positive brand awareness means for a brand.

The Meaning Of Positive Social Media Brand Awareness

how important is positive brand awareness on social media

Brand awareness is the visual and emotional image that the audience associates with your company or product.

For instance, when you think of Volvo, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is safety. When you think of Nike, you’re probably thinking of their slogan “Just Do It”, or maybe Michael Jordan.

The fact that you remember a brand’s name and have an association in your mind about it, makes selecting a product of that type easier for you. And increases the value and satisfaction you get from that product.

Why? Because the association you’ve created about Volvo or Nike is a positive one.

Let’s take a look at an example and try to simplify things.

Let’s assume that there’s a blind taste of some ‘X-Cola’ and ‘Coca-Cola’. The testers don’t have a clue of what Cola they’re drinking. At the end of the experiment, the results are even.

But, even if they liked the other Cola more, many of those probably still won’t start to consume that drink but rather stick to ‘Coca-Cola’. You wonder why?

People enjoy the experience of buying and drinking Coca-Cola. The fond memories of childhood and refreshment that people have when they drink Coke are often more important than a little bit better taste. It’s this emotional relationship with customers what make brands like ‘Coca-Cola’ so powerful.

Strong online presence is what sells and keeps you relevant in today’s world.

But how do you create positive social media brand awareness and become a familiar face on your followers’ feeds vs. someone they just scroll past?

How To Build A Positive Social Media Brand Awareness

With more and more people relying on social media to research brands, social media has become the most important segment of building social media brand awareness. In fact, increasing brand awareness has become social marketers’ top priority.

Whether you are active on social media or not, the fact is that you can’t stop people from mentioning your brand.

Sometimes these words will be good and affect your brand positively. Sometimes not so good. And these latter ones are exactly what your competition waits for. Often, they will even do this on purpose, hiring agencies that will do the dirty job for them so that there’d be no way for you to know who spread the ‘untruths’ about your brand.

The long-term strategy of keeping a predominantly clean brand image on Social Media is by flooding Social with messages that YOU control and publish.

But, this is not a one-man-army job.

You will need to hire an army of marketers…or you can just create your own Social Media Tribe. How? Who knows more about your brand than your employees? That’s right, nobody.

social tribe for increasing the social media brand awareness

Let’s see why we think this is such a great idea.

The idea behind this strategy is very simple. Your employees will distribute any news you post on your website or on social media on their social profiles, whenever, and as often as they can. This way you can control what messages will be associated with your brand.

If 50 of your employees agree to act as your social media tribe on their social media networks, and each of them has, let’s say at least 2 active profiles on different networks, it means that your message will be spread on about 100 social media profiles.

Compared to the few social media platforms you already use in the name of your company, or yourself, 100 social media profiles are a large increase in your social media brand awareness.

Turning your staff into a social media tribe is a strategy that will significantly increase your social impressions, engagement, followers, leads, and eventually sales.

Have in mind that your employees are your core group, your seed group and being in the business position in which they are, their social media profiles extend to your target audience.

Your employees are the people who are closest to what you do and what you sell. They know everything they need to know about the products/services and as such are the most compatible group for sharing your messages with wider audiences.

Let’s Wrap Up

why is important to create social media brand awareness

With a good social media marketing strategy focused on increasing your brand awareness, you can increase your audience and encourage them to feel connected to and empowered by your brand. Just imagine how will you feel when your brand starts to get recognized and clients will connect to your brand from a pile of competitors options. Undescribable!

And who’s most faithful than your employees for increasing your brand awareness? Certainly not your competitors! You’re not a one-man-army, you’re an Enterprise. Your social media tribe has your back.

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