mistakes to avoid on social media networks

Are You Not Feeling Ready To Start With Social Media Marketing Because Of The Thought Of Making A Mistake And Fail In The Process?

Even though it sounds scary, there is nothing to be afraid of. We all make mistakes, and that is why we are here to help you not to repeat the same social media mistakes. We will offer you a solution to this problem by introducing the most common social media mistakes.

These are the most common mistakes on the social media for you to avoid:

1. Concentrating On The Quantity Of Post Instead Of Quality

Like everyone, in the beginning, we think if we post more content on social media we are doing a great thing. Wrong! As you post more content on social media, every user that doesn’t want to see a lot of post by you will unfollow you. By doing this, the engagement of your page will decrease a lot, and it will be harmful to your page and business. That is why you should not focus on the quantity of post but to the quality of the posts. By posting maximum two quality posts daily, the engagement on your page will increase, and this will bring a lot of new users, and it will be profitable for your business.

2. Managing Profiles On Every Social Media Network

Most people think that if you promote your content on every social media platform is a good thing. It is not because the audience that you want to target is not on every platform. So it would be useless and a waste of time to manage a profile on some of the platforms where your audience is not there. It is a good practice first to do a research and find out on which platform are the users that you need to target. When you find the right audience, you will only need to manage the profile where your audience is active.

3. Posting Identical Content On Each Social Media Platform

Because some people are a little bit lazy, they are posting the same content on each platform. This is a terrible practice because your audience will notice this and the engagement to your page will decrease. That is why is recommended to post unique content because your audience will appreciate your efforts.

4. Using Default Size Of Videos And Images

Some people use videos and images on their social media profiles as they download them and they are not paying attention to their size. Previously, the most common size of videos and images was 1024 x 512 pixels, but now this size occupies a lot of space on the news feed of your audience, and they don’t like that. So if you use this size, immediately stop. Today, if you want to have increased engagement on your page, it is a good practice to use square videos and images since they do not take a lot of space and your audience will like that.

5. Sharing Only The Content That You Own

Sharing your unique content that you own is a good idea, but is it the best? By sharing your content, you target only the audience that you have at the moment. That’s pretty good, but over time you might become annoying for your audience. The solution to this is to post some but not all content from different sites, and by doing this it will bring an additional audience to your page, and that’s the goal in this case.

6. Not Sharing User-Generated Content

There are people that think it’s enough to post content and photos from their activities only. Over time it is visible that it’s not enough to do that because there’s no increased engagement on your page. To fix this, in addition to the content that you are already posting, you should be posting some original content that is generated by the users.

7. Not Uploading Your Videos On Social Media Networks

For most people, it is easier to share videos from YouTube, but this is not much of help if you want to increase the engagement on your page. Instead of sharing YouTube videos, you should upload your videos directly to the social media platforms if you want your engagement to be increased. This method is confirmed by the Quintly app which is a professional social media analytics application.

8. Not Targeting The Right Audience

One of the huge social media mistakes that you can make is to target the wrong audience. To not make this mistake, it is essential to make a thorough research so you can target the right audience and it’s a good practice to do the research on a global level depending on your business.

9. Not Boosting Important Posts

Almost every social media platform has an option to boost your posts. If you overuse this option on every post, you will definitely annoy your audience. Try to use this option only on relevant posts to keep your audience satisfied.

10. Avoiding Interaction With Your Audience

You will make a terrible mistake if you avoid interacting with your audience and if they ask you question in regards to your business always provide an answer. This means that they are interested and more likely to buy some of the products you are offering.

Are You Feeling More Secure Now By Knowing Which Social Media Mistakes Not To Make?

feeling secure about which social media mistakes to avoid

By the detailed explanation that we provided of the most common social media mistakes that are done on social media networks, you should feel more secure now. If you feel secure, that means you are prepared to start with social media marketing and this is a huge step forward for you.

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