7 quick win tactics for building your social brand

You have probably come across with many social media management tools online. And, they all have almost the same features, right? Well, Populizr is a little bit different.

Today we will discuss seven advanced social media strategies for building your social brand using Populizr – social media automation platform.

Despite the “must have” features, Populizr offers an additional seven unique features for implementing brand new 7 quick-win strategies on social media. Let’s go through them.

1. Generate Up To 25 Unique Variations From A
Single Blog Post

Are you afraid that you will spam your online audience because you are publishing the same content over and over again? Fear no more because Populizr won’t let you do that. To help you avoid this, Populizr provides up to 25 unique variations from your single blog post (meta title, meta description, and images).

The backend algorithm works in a way of putting together each title with a different description and image. So, now that you know this, you don’t have to worry about spamming your audience with the same content ever again.

25 unique variations with populizr

2. Analyze The Sentiment & Emotions Of Your Social Post

Another useful and unique feature is the sentiment and emotions analysis. With the sentiment and emotions analysis of the post variations, you can easily measure the right impact that your social post will have. This is a perfect feature for getting the perfect response from your audience.

emotion rich social media posts populizr

3. Automate The Scheduling

With Populizr, you don’t have to manually post your content on each social media network and lose lots of time. Populizr offers the following scheduling plans:

  • Standard,
  • Promotional,
  • Evergreen, and
  • Custom plan.

The predefined plans have different options and time intervals for posting. The Custom plan is an additional option for you if predefined plans don’t satisfy your needs. Once you set up one of the plans, the posting process of the content is fully automated.

populizr scheduling options scheduling type

4. Utilize The Analytics

Populizr offers two types of analytics. The first is analytics by a blog post and the second is analytics by demographics.

  • With the analytics by demographics, you have info about the number of clicks and the location they are coming from. Also, there’s an interactive map where you can see from which city those clicks are coming. That will help you to focus your marketing efforts on specific demographics.
  • With the blog post analytics, you have info on the number of posts/clicks per blog post per social media network. This is useful for discovering which of your social media campaigns is performing the best, so you can re-use it in the future.

feature for blog post analytics

5. Reuse Your TOP Performing Social Media Campaigns

Once you identify which social media campaign is performing the best, you can simply reuse it. You don’t have to create the same campaign from scratch. Populizr gives you an option to reuse finished campaigns, with the same or different scheduling plan.

reuse social media campaigns

reuse social media campaign

6. Track The Publishing Flow

Populizr gives you a nice overview of the whole publishing flow on your social media networks. You have three options to keep track of the publishing flow on each social media network:

  • As an hourly breakdown, where for every day, precisely to the minute, you can see how many times the content was posted and scheduled.

hourly breakdown populizr publishing flow

  • To see the flow as an activity timeline, where you can see how many times the post was posted and scheduled.

activity timeline populizr publishing flow

  • As a calendar view, where you can only see how many times the blog post was posted.

calendar view publishing flow populizr

7. Use Specific Blog Content For Social Posting –
Populizr WP Plugin

The Populizr plugin for WordPress is an optional feature, and we highly recommend to use it. The plugin helps you in the process of creating post variations. The plugin highlights the important content from your post, which you can use in the Populizr platform for easily creating the post variations.


We can say with great confidence that these 7 unique features of Populizr will help you utilize the corresponding 7 advanced social media strategies. On the long-term, you will save a lot of valuable time and gain bigger social brand exposure. The beauty is, the process is completely automated. Soon enough you will boost your business to the same level of the “sharks” in your industry.

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