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Dear potential Populizr Affiliate,

Get the unique opportunity to join our Populizr affiliate program today and turn your online presence into a profitable business. With Populizr you can start earning big commissions (50%) on a monthly basis for any subscriber of the Populizr plans.

How Does Populizr Affiliate Program Work?

When you’re an affiliate, you will earn commissions when you sell:

  • Monthly or yearly Populizr Individual Plan
  • Monthly or yearly Populizr Agency Plan (Small, Medium and Large)

As long as your subscribers are paying members to Populizr, you will earn commissions each and every month. You will get paid every time their subscription is renewed.

Should I Apply For Populizr Affiliate?

We love to work with creative internet marketers who have a quality audience, unique content, and high traffic. If you are one of those, you are welcome to apply for Populizr Affiliate Program.

After we approve your request you will get unique Populizr tracking link that you can share on your web properties: Blog, Facebook, Twitter or through paid ads. We leave the creativity of promoting Populizr up to you.

It’s actually very simple, you earn income for every customer that signs up through your link.

We want to make your job much easier and once you sign up, you will be given immediate access to all PROMO materials listed here so you can start earning money fast and easy. Tweak our pre-sale articles, emails, reports, and banners with your affiliate link and you are ready for big commissions. All of our shareable affiliate content is relevant and up to date, helping you increase your conversion rate.

How Can I Become Populizr Affiliate?

Populizr is a highly flexible and powerful social media platform, that will reward you for your efforts.
Here’s what you need to do in order to become Populizr Affiliate.

  1. Create FREE Populizr Affiliate Account
  2. Request your affiliate link below (you may need to create free Zaxaa account if you don’t have one)

We have a partnership with Zaxaa payment system so your commissions will be processed automatically by this payment processor.

For your social media success,
The Populizr Team